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Adhyaya IV

Nada Yoga

  1. Sound helps to control the mind easily. When the mind is absorbed in melodious sound, it does not run after sensual objects.
  2. Do Japa or Soham with breath (Ajapa Japa). Practise Pranayama for one or two months. You will hear the ten sounds (Anahata sounds) clearly and enjoy the music of the soul.
  3. The sound that you hear will make you deaf to all external sounds.
  4. Sit on Padmasana or Siddhasana or Sukhasana. Close the ears with the thumb. This is Shanmukhi Mudra or Vaishnavi Mudra.
  5. Now hear the music of Anahata sounds. You will have wonderful concentration.
  6. Abandon all worldly thoughts. Subdue your passion. Become indifferent to all sensual objects.
  7. Practise Yama (self-restraint), or Sadachara (right conduct); concentrate on the sound which annihilates the mind.
  8. The first sound is chini, the second is chin-chini, the third is the sound of a bell, the fourth is like that of a conch.
  9. The fifth is like that of a lute. The sixth is like that of a cymbal. The seventh is like that of a flute.
  10. The eighth is like that of a drum. The ninth is like that of a Mridanga. The tenth is like that of thunder.
  11. Hear the sounds through the right ear. Change your concentration from the gross sound to the subtle. The mind will soon be absorbed in the sound.
  12. You will get knowledge of hidden things when you hear the seventh.
  13. You will hear Para-Vak when you hear the eighth sound.
  14. You will develop the divine eye when you hear the ninth.
  15. You will attain Para Brahman when you hear the tenth.
  16. The sound entraps the mind. The mind becomes one with the sound as milk with water.
  17. It becomes absorbed in Brahman or the Absolute. You will then attain the Seat of Eternal Bliss.


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