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    Align to ME and Align to Nature
    a Lecture by K G Misra

    ALIGN TO ME Sub Theme: devotion Sri Krishna in Bhagwat Gita says Align to Me, Think of Me and all your problems will be taken care of. Who is this Me and what 'thinking' is he talking about? To easily understand it, assume Sri Krishna as a teacher of a process of software development of life itself. The process of software development of life is called self realization. Programming language of this software is called thoughts (or consciousness). Thoughts are speed independent or part of infinite physics. This means, independent of speed of light (C = 3x10 power 10 m/s). Speed of light is only way we recognize time and distance. Our thoughts have no limit on speed, and with our eyes dependent on speed of light to see or act, we only become prisoners of limitation of our senses. As prisoner, we work in anxiety or in impulses of movements called work. All our movements take place when thoughts similar like computer program are executed by our senses in the universe of time-space. Thoughts are produced due to recognition of our inability or limitations or lack of knowledge. Senses want to prove that they can achieve what is desired. However yet; we cannot see what we desire with infinite thoughts, because 'finite' physical system is a constraint. A competition between them (finite physical system and infinite thoughts) is unfair. Finite means infrastructure of media that have fixed speeds of light, sound and other magnetic etc. These are measured by our traditional awareness of physics. A conflict between 'infinite' or thoughts and 'finite' or media of physical system is behind all movement. Any movement is result of matter (objected moved), energy (cause of movement) and memory (rules governing its path of movement). Time and space are observer dependent and created by his senses and physical media in order to accommodate universe of his observation. It is not a matter of living or non living. A stone is also having memory. If a stone is thrown up, at every point of its flight path it would exactly know its co-ordinates and where it will finally have to drop. In high school physics, children are taught about this experience as to how sum of kinetic energy and potential energy is fixed at any point of a moving stone. It means, awareness of stone of this mathematical formula is, its memory. The rule applies to all movement be, it a tiger chasing a deer, or a businessman chasing a contract or engineer designing a machine or athlete running a marathon or a young boy after a girl friend. All movements are software driven and trapped in a loop of cause and effects; and at end of day, users of software have to be drawn to its core reality. To be ready for thinking about the life is called worship of the god. Surprisingly, death is mystical disappearance of somebody you knew, and is a matter that he is 'no more' interested in old memory or situations that were once relevant. Rebirth is not new. At increasing levels of self realization, thoughts change, and our looks and structures do change. We take life one after another and keep it transforming ourselves, to perfect ourselves in knowing the true reality. When we change jobs, change locations, you are 'no more' or dead in old situation and become reborn in another one. People would not remember rivalry and politics after retirement or when taking job in another company. Such changes in life give us a continued feeling of rebirth in a new setup .... in unending journey in search of true knowledge, for freedom from desires and sensual limitation. Sri Krishna says, not to have impulse for action or anxiety or ill will against others. These impulses are called desire of fruit in various trap of cause and effect loops. In doing self realization (Align to Me), there remains no competition with others and only feeling of constancy of detachment and love instead of a cause of any happiness or sorrow. This work called NISH KAM KARM or 'pure thinking' does not create expectation and frees it from bondage of work; and gives realization of greater orders in universe designs. They can thus, become not interfering types and remain bystanders of universe of all actions pass by.

    Spirituality can be learnt from the laws of physics. Laws of movement is physics. Those who are familiar with laws of movement must know Newton. He discussed about movement of planets and so on. He saw movement as a loop of 'cause and effect' and the property (guna) of matter. Next theory was of Albert Einstein who got worried in defining an event as seen by different observers, and his problem was called 'theory of relativity'. He came to conclusion that time is not 'real' and it fundamentally connects space with time by a fixed rule of speed of light. Nothing, in observable universe can move more than speed of light. Speed of light is a fixed relation between time and space in observation of every 'eyed' man. Eyes are agents of information or impression of distance with use of speed of light. The facility of observation is called universe. For blind persons, time-space is dependent on speed of sound. When senses change, size of universe changes. Universe of blind man is one millionth times less than an 'eyed' man (in ratio of speed of light and sound). Similarly, those seeing by thoughts such as scientists and saints live beyond contemporary time-space not conceivable by common mortals who are 'thought' blind 'eyed' man. The ideas of space and time are relative. These are subject to sensory equipment (eye, ear) used and media (light, sound). Hinesburg in his quantum physics says, 'things have no identity without observer' or without existence of origin, co-ordinate system can not define any movement of particle from one place to another. That means, observer is origin and all things and transitory effects of movement. The next important person was Emanuel Kant in his Critique of pure reason. He has found out that 'true consciousness is independent of time-space and also independent of individuality'. This universality of solitude is pure reason. When observer is in solitude, speed of observation exceeds the speed of light and then the space is shrunk. Definition of time and space is changed. At infinite speed of observer, all movements stop. He is not seeing moving reality but, pure reality.

    Memory is basis of observation. Pananjali Yoga sutra teaches to observe critically, tool of observation i.e., action of your senses. You are called observer only because you see things with a tunnel of your memory. Bhagwat Gita says reality is not seen because to same thing, people observe differently. Laws of movement is ignorance. To deal with ignorance, all our work processes should be aimed. Memory causes observation,observational conflicts create thoughts, thoughts create action, action create forms and visual effects. Those who are taking visual effects as real are trapped in a loop of cause and effects and are doomed; and cannot see the abstraction of its. All of the observers have different memory. It is for this reason, Kant talks of 'pure reason'. Sri Krishna says, self realization is not what you know but what you become as a result of that knowledge. At stage of self realization, you are completely aware and is fully detached from limitation of your senses and inside mind, you are universal observer. You are without memory and without a need of any action. This is final destination of life.

    How does some one try self realization? It is very simple. Observer has a weakness for challenges. It knows no weakness and only thinks to reach its highest thinking goals. You become what you want. Life responds to the observer inside it. Life/body is like a natural automobile, and its action depend on the driver 'observer' running it. Life cannot be dishonest to your thoughts. Thoughts control life and not other wise. What you think you 'helplessly' become. If your thinking goals are so high, you can leave it to the universal observer. If one thinks of Sri Krishna, one becomes Him. No action is needed. All your thoughts are not yours and changes in thoughts come with increase of self realization. You can only witness yourself.

    ALIGN TO NATURE Sub theme: don't be insecure entrepreneur, be an employee of natural organization of universe Nature is hardware of life. If hardware is not aligned, observer or 'software' cannot see the 'reality'. As per Bhagwat Gita, people observe different because of seeing though a tunnel of memory. Understanding of construction of memory is called 'nature'. As per nature, people have to make use of their memory and reach their destination of 'memoryless knowledge'. Memory is only way to know own existence and all ego and relationship and so on, which keeps us also away from self realization if not aligned.

    The field of nature is individual desires and tastes, and each one knows it only himself. If he ignores his deep desires, he cannot be successful by copying others. Sri Krishna says, that 'one should stay in his dharma and progress from it'

    Nature is a facility of learning, and every one should be aligned to it. Employees in certain companies know how they have to align to the policy and principles of management. If any one is not aligned, they would fail irrespective of their ability.In bigger companies, the flexibility and freedom is much more, and so is the responsibility. If we think ourselves as employee of nature and align ourselves to it, we can succeed by power of nature and not have the insecurity or ego of an individual. Universe is so big that its natural laws have celestial governments, such as Earth, Sun, Moon etc., and are not petty thieves that run scams and wars. Good and bad times come and go, but it does not worry employees working in a company of the natural universe aligned to its principles and policies. Just like in organization or governments, life itself is employment with god. His organization is grand universe, and Laws of nature or called sciences can be studied easily in so called traditional or observable or finite physics in capacity of individuals' sensory limitations.

    Management of universe with natural laws too need governments. In fundamental nature of physics, traditional carriers of thoughts are light, sound, taste,touch and force. Earth and sun are local governments closely connected to us, and other planets are also distant governments. Earth is a space craft moving in its orbit. All of us are space travellers protected by gravitation and manetism of mother Earth. Earth keeps constantly in touch with her magnetic forces and is provider of water, food etc.., Sun is a household nuclear power plant that provides light energy a form of electro magnetic wave. Similarly other planets also send electromagnetic waves in communication with everyone of us, according to their own nature. All of them move relentlessly to follow the laws of nature to retain their jobs in the universe fitting to individuals' own nature. There is a proverb in India "Idiots make their own language and language of wise men depend on those who he is talking to". Because of insecurity, humans felt lonely, and trapped in own language and cannot freely talk to planets, animals, other countrymen and so on. Scientists and saints are little bit lucky to be called as employee of universe and that follow laws of nature.

    Core issue connecting natural science (ALIGN TO NATURE) and god (ALIGN TO ME) is 'memory'. Memory is physical as well as non physical. For example, a book is memory. The paper and ink is physical, but the content of thought is non physical. The magnetism is physical part of memory, and it gives observer to write its thoughts. Humans should think about direction of their working places and how it is aligned to earth who is government of magnetism. Similarly, observer should align to sun for light that would be vehicle to see things that he wanted. Thinking about greatness of the Sun and how he is allowing us to see and what will be shown by him are nothing but sun worship. Earth will teach about respect for environment, working position aligned to east for maximizing power of memory and relaxation of natural employee.

    Best regards and true love for your inner person who is independent of you and me. Reply me if you want
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