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CHAPTER I - The battle of the Kurukshetra
CHAPTER II - Teaching of the Soul
CHAPTER III - The path of Karma
CHAPTER IV - Transcendental knowledge
CHAPTER V - Renunciation of fruits of Action

CHAPTER VI - Dhyana-yoga (path of meditation)
CHAPTER VII - Knowledge of the Absolute
CHAPTER VIII -Attaining the Supreme.
CHAPTER IX - The sacred knowledge of wisdom
CHAPTER X - Divine Manifestation
CHAPTER XI - The Universal Form
CHAPTER XII -Devotional Service (Bhakti-yoga).
CHAPTER XIII - Discrimination of Spiritual and Material worlds
CHAPTER XIV - Three Qualities of Nature (gunas)
CHAPTER XV - The Yoga of the Supreme Self
CHAPTER XVI The Divine and Demoniac Natures
CHAPTER XVII - Three Qualities of Faith
CHAPTER XVIII - Liberation through Renunciation

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